ATM 10 – Severe and Unusual Weather

Winter Quarter
General Education Credits: QL SE SL VL
Credits: 3
ATM 10 – Severe and Unusual Weather is an interactive course that surveys a dozen different types of severe weather & many kinds of atmospheric optical phenomena. Plenty of fun in-class demonstrations (cloud in a bottle, tornadoes, crushing cans) and videos!!!

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SAS 9 – Crisis in the Environment

Spring Quarter
General Education Credits: SE, SS, WE
Credits: 3
SAS 9 – Crisis in the Environment is an interactive course that explores contemporary environmental issues by examining the causes, effects and solutions to a wide range of environmental problems facing the global ecosystem. Integrated discussion of political, societal and economic impact linkages with environmental problems.  

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ATM 245 – Climate Change, Water and Society

Fall Quarter
Cross listed as HYD 245/ECL 245
Credits: 4
Integration of climate science and hydrology with policy to understand hydroclimatology and its impact upon natural and human systems. Assignments: readings, take-home examination on climate and hydrologic science, paper that integrates course concepts into a research prospectus or review article.  

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