SAS 9 - Crisis in the Environment

Spring 2020Environmental crisis

Lecture: 3:10 PM- 4:30 PM, TR (Wellman Hall 26)

General Education Credits: SE, SS, WE

Credits: 3

Instructor: E. Monier (


SAS 9 - Crisis in the Environment is an interactive course that explores contemporary environmental issues by examining the causes, effects and solutions to a wide range of environmental problems facing the global ecosystem. Integrated discussion of political, societal and economic impact linkages with environmental problems.

Topics covered:

  • Global Climate Change – The science, the effects, the solutions, the economics & the politics
  • Acid Rain
  • The Global Water Crisis & California Water Issues
  • Food security, Food Quality & Environmental Degradation
  • Mercury
  • Forest Fire & Forest management
  • Ocean Exploitation & Conservation
  • Mass Extinction & Species Diversity
  • Air Pollution