Hurricanes and wildfire smoke
Multiple hurricanes and smoke events are seen churning and billowing in this NASA Observatory image from August 18, 2021. (NASA Earth Observatory)

‘We Have a Chance.’ Climate Scientists Weigh in on IPCC Report

UC Davis Climate Experts on Moving Forward with Open Eyes and Urgency.

UC Davis climate scientists voiced their thoughts today about the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Sixth Assessment in a webinar hosted by the UC Davis Climate Adaptation Research Center. Below are some of their lightly edited, key takeaways from the influential United Nations report.


Erwan Monier, associate professor of climate change impacts in the department of Land, Air and Water Resources. “[The report] identifies the large changes we have experienced, like warming of oceans, but also has the capability to attribute those changes, like extreme weather, to human activity. That’s an improvement on the previous IPCC reports.”


Monier: “The window for action is closing. A lot of climate change impacts we’re already feeling will get worse, but that doesn’t prevent us from trying our best to prevent these future changes.”


The panelists also discussed the importance of understanding compounding climate change events and their interconnectedness, taking local action for global change, and other ideas about where we go from here. Learn more details at  

Source: What Can I Do About Climate Change?” blog

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