The 2nd MIT ILP Global Innovation (Xi'an) Forum

第二届麻省理工学院 ILP 全球创新(西安)论坛举行 [The 2nd MIT ILP Global Innovation (Xi'an) Forum]

携手推动全球土地生态化建设 [To jointly promote the global ecological construction of land]


建模探寻土地与气候的关系 [Investigating the socio-economic and climate change impacts on the land system]

埃尔文·莫奈尔 [ Erwan Monier]

土地使用与气候变化之间有着紧密联系。通过建立模型,可以将人类系统和地球系统(包括大气系统、海洋系统、土地系统、城镇化系统等)相关联,还可以了解人类活动和气候变化的关系。土地系统受全球社会经济和气候变化的影响是非常复杂的。必须把与土地相关的所有要素整合在一起,建立一系列模型进行分析,了解相关因素驱动下土地系统的变化。我们需要加强土地管理,更好地应对气候变化和强化环境保护。[There is a close link between land use change and climate change. By modeling the interactions between the human system and the Earth system (including the atmosphere, ocean, land and urban components), we can improve our understanding of the relationships between human activities and climate change. The role of the land system in global socio-economic and climate changes is very complex. All of the land-related elements must be integrated into a modeling framework for analysis and improved understanding of the changes in land systems driven by the most relevant factors. We need to strengthen land management, better respond to climate change and strengthen environmental protection.]

(作者为麻省理工学院全球变化科学研究中心首席研究员) [Principal Research Scientist at the MIT Center for Global Change Science]

Source: People's Daily

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