Andrew R. Wheeler

Position Title
15th Deputy Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency


Birth Date: 12/24/1964

Political Party: Republican

Alma Mater: Case Western Reserve University (BA), Washington University (JD), George Mason University (MBA)


At a Senate confirmation hearing:

“Testifying before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Wheeler – President Trump’s nominee to head the agency officially – was pressed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., on whether he agrees with Trump that climate change is a hoax.”

“I believe that climate change is real. I believe that man has an impact on it,” Wheeler said. “I have not used the ‘hoax’ word myself.”

“Are the wildfires in California, are those related to climate change?” Sanders asked.

“There’s probably some relation to climate change,” Wheeler replied. “I think the biggest issue is related to forest management,” which the president has pointed to as the main cause of the fires.

Sanders: “Not the droughts?”

Wheeler: “Not in my opinion.”

(Retrieved 5/24/19)